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When a Dental Bridge Is Needed

Bridges are a way to fill gaps between teeth left by one or more missing teeth. It is one of the most common and affordable ways to replace missing teeth in adults. A dental bridge improves the look of a smile, but also plays in an important role in the functionality of the mouth. When teeth have been missing for some time, the remaining surrounding teeth can tip, drift or extrude into the empty spaces.

A dental bridge is a common way to replace a missing tooth. If you are in need of a dental bridge in Batavia, NY, Dr. Russell Marchese, Jr. is here to help.

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What Are Dental Bridges, Exactly?

Typically, a dental bridge is composed of two or more crowns fused together, then cemented to surrounding teeth to hold it in place. A crown is a functional, cosmetic piece that looks and feels like a natural tooth.

Dental bridges offer a long term solution, but they are not permanent. Usually, bridges need to be replaced or adjusted by a dental professional every five to seven years.

How the Procedure Works

Receiving a dental bridge takes one to two visits, depending on your needs. Surrounding teeth need to be prepared to be used as abutments, or support for the bridge. Preparation often means the removal of some enamel and reshaping to fit the bridge. Impressions of the area are made, and the bridge is crafted to meet the specific dimensions. The bridge is then tried in, adjusted if necessary and cemented.

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