Dental Crown Procedure Performed in Just One Day

Do not walk around embarrassed or in discomfort — fix your broken tooth in one day.

Technology to Get the Job Done

Dr. Russell Marchese, Jr. employs an advanced technology that radically improves the patient experience with crowns, bridges and other restorative procedures. The state of the art system is called Planmeca E4D CAD/CAM and allows Dr. Marchese to deliver exceptionally high quality, same day restorations to patients in hours rather than weeks.

Think you may need a crown? Call our office in Batavia, NY today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Marchese and walk out with your new crown the same day.

Factors Indicating the Need for a Dental Crown

A dental crown procedure may be needed if:

  •  You have weak teeth.
  •  You have teeth at risk for breaking or cracking.
  •  You have severely worn teeth.
  •  You have a large area of decay.
  •  Your teeth are misshaped or discolored.
  •  You have had a root canal.

The Meaning Behind the Letters

CAD/CAM is an acronym for computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing. Essentially, it is 3D imaging software that allows Dr. Marchese and our staff to design and create high quality restorations. The system comes from Planmeca E4D Technologies and offers patients cutting edge solutions, such as same day custom dental crowns.

A Technologically Advanced Dental Crown Procedure

This procedure is not your traditional dental crown procedure. The decayed or broken tooth is first scanned using an intraoral camera with blue laser technology. The scan can then be uploaded to a computer, which produces a 3D image, capturing the structure and shape of the decayed or broken tooth structure. Dr. Marchese uses this information to create a custom-fit crown.

A computer controlled milling system receives the design information and creates the crown using a high-speed diamond bur with calculated precision. In the final step, Dr. Marchese bonds the restorative piece to the prepared decayed or broken tooth.

This dental crown procedure is complete in one day and does not require wearing a temporary prosthetic or returning for subsequent visits.

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